Enjoy a Delicious

Korean BBQ involves cooking meats and vegetables on charcoal grill or hot plate and you eat the Gogi [meats] and Ssam [lettuce wrapped] with dipping sauce.


Bring a Restaurant Experience to

Your Dining Table

COOKITBOX is providing this experience in your home with  our carefully selected BBQ meal box ready to cook and eat in 5 mins

Korean BBQ is a traditional meal shared among family and friends over drinks.


Most of the food prep, cutting and marinating of meats are already done for you.

Group BBQ

You Just Need to Cook the Meats and Heat it Up


My son really likes BBQ, especially Korean BBQ. However, we cannot often go to the KBBQ restaurant. 
The reason is that although Korean town is far from home, the price of the KBBQ restaurant is expensive for my family. 

The idea came up here, because this kind of discomfort is not only thinking of me, but also many people. 
What if I could make quality Korean BBQ with my own recipes and deliver to front door? So I started preparing work right away. 

I created a webpage, took pictures of food myself, and started posting pictures on SNS, which I've never done. 

I am a little afraid to try new things however, I believe this fear will serve as a stone bridge to grow Korean BBQ business, moreover I am proud to be able to spread Korean food and culture to lots of people. 


As a chef, I perfected my own Korean BBQ recipes over last two decades. Now I want to share it with you, made with only high quality meats and healthy ingredients to enjoy a delicious Korean BBQ feast and bring that restaurant experience straight to your dining table at home.