• 6 Choice of meat (2.4kg) 




  • Edamame soy bean
  • 5 Side dishes: Kimchi, Radish Kimchi, Seafood cake stir fried, Yellow radish pickle, Korean stir fried grass noodles.
  • 3 Dipping sauces: Ssamjang(Korean soybean dipping sauce), Red chilli sauce, Sesame oil sauce. 
  • 2 Salads: Kimchi slaw, Mixed green salad
  • Steamed rice
  • 3 BBQ vegetables: Onion, Mushrooms, Garlic.
  • Korean BBQ wrap vegetables: Lettuce, Perilla leaves, Green chilli
  • Taco Kit: Red onion, Coriander, Iceberg lettuce, soft corn torillas(12pcs), Kimchi aioli

BBQ SET for 6 (Click the photo to select your meats)

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    • This BBQ set for 6 is delicious and large enough for 6 people. 
    • Simply select your favorite meat from each option. 
    • You can choose different meats or same meats from each option.