Meal for Two

- 1 pack of Free Range Bulgogi Chicken (불고기 치킨)

- 1 pack of Taco vegetables  (coriander, onion, Cos lettuce)

- 6 pcs Tortillas

- 1 Kimchil Aioli



Ingredients: Free range chicken tight fillet, red onion, cos lettuce, coriander, Kimchi Aioli, Tortilla, Bulgogi seasoning sauce.



  • Chicken cooking time: 6 minutes


  1.  Cook the Chicken over medium heat for 3 minutes and cut it into small pieces with scissors. Cook until the chicken is caramelized.
  2. Cut the vegetables(coriander, onion & cos lettuce) and place them on a plate.
  3. Heat up tortilla over a hot pan around 10 seconds on each side to make it soft.
  4. Place the meat, vegetables and Kimchi aioli on tortilla.

Free Range Bulgogi Chicken Taco Kit (불고기 치킨)